GREAT NEWS!! The extension ladder has been given a new lease of life and is now safer to use.
“I use an extension ladder daily, this Lacket is a game changer for me” Steve – Eastside Antennas. “If not for the Lacket it would have been a very difficult job because I work solo” Mark – Chatham Electrical.

Just some of the responses from those who have come to realise the benefits of using the Lacket since hitting the market in mid-2018. As winner of the 2017 SafeWork NSW safety award, the Lacket has gained recognition from the National Safety Council of Australia as a 2019 awards finalist.

The Lacket is a unique, Australian designed and manufactured product that fully secures your extension ladder before you climb. This really is a game-changer: never again should you climb an unsecured ladder to clamp to a flimsy gutter or risk falling while trying to find somewhere to tie off to. No more ladder wobble, or wind blowing the ladder away.

With Endeavour Energy (NSW) now implementing the Lacket throughout their work crews, the Lacket is fast changing the way industry looks at ladder safety. Also available are Lacket attachments that allow you to tackle 100% of the jobs that come your way.

See why the Lacket is turning heads: watch it in action at the 2019 Safety in Action Expo. As a special Expo offer, purchase a Lacket bundle for $300+GST. That’s a massive saving of $59, only available at the 2019 Expo!