St John Ambulance has launched a groundbreaking new delivery for First aid Training.

Known as SJx, the training uses cutting edge technology that places students in the middle of realistic first aid scenarios.

The engaging new method of training is designed for busy people and workplaces, using virtual reality and impactful screen technology to deliver an immersive First Aid training experience in a reduced amount of time.

This revolutionary new training method streamlines the traditional courses, reducing training time by up to half, without compromising on quality and effectiveness of training. The immersive technology increases student confidence, ensuring they’re prepared to react in a First Aid emergency.

The flexibility of the training method allows for class sizes to start as small as 4 so staff can be rotated through the training ensuring minimal disruption to business.

Here’s what businesses had to say about the new SJx training:

“The VR used to deliver the course was immersive and gave the participants an idea of what being in that situation could feel like. The delivery of the training was well integrated with the VR aspects and we all felt the course was very effective and beneficial.”
– Melanie Keomany, Senior Client Service Manager, Freedom Finance Australia

For more information on SJx visit or call us on 03 8588 8590