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Join us on the 14-15 December at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney as we bring safety professionals and leading solution providers together to exchange ideas, products, and services.

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2021 Sponsors

Holding Redlich



2021 Exhibitors


A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of the world’s first fixed polymer safety barrier system, designed to protect people, property, profits and performance in industrial workplaces across the world. The company was formed in 1984 and, after becoming experts in plastic extrusion, the first flexible safety barrier was sold in 2001. A-SAFE barriers flex after impact from workplace vehicles, absorb the impact forces and then reform to their original shape. Unlike traditional steel barriers they do not rust, scratch, require repainting or damage floors after impacts.


Access Holding

Access Holdings International (AHI) is a global supplier of an extensive range of vertical access man lifts ranging from 3.5 to 20 m working heights. Founded in 2003, AHI was created with an objective to specialise in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of vertical access personnel lifts for the Australian & International markets. A key company objective is to increase the presence of our Australian brands in the international access equipment industry through the promotion, marketing and sales of the quality Up-Lift and Quick Lift range.

From its humble range in the beginning, it has grown to include more than 40 models of vertical access platforms. Today, AHI has one of the most extensive range of vertical access personnel lifts throughout the world covering the highly popular sliding rail UG series, the unique and compact central mast UE series, the twin mast two person capacity UT series and our low level access range of platforms which include the UB, UBM, UC and UR series, all very popular and safer alternatives to the traditional ladders.

AHI products are made under ISO9001 quality management system and are fully compliant with European CE standards EN280 and EN60204-1, Australian standards AS1418.10 as well as other country-based compliance standards. Commencing with a strong focus in the Asia Pacific region, AHI today distributes products to more than 45 countries and prides itself in the supply of high quality, cost competitive, innovative as well as customised vertical access personnel lifts satisfying the demands of its global customers.


ACL industrial
ACL Industrial Technology

ACL prides itself on its ability to help others succeed in Australian Industry. We aim to be the most responsive and dependable Industrial Supplier in the market supplying an extensive range of consumables across categories such as welding, machinery, abrasives and safety to name a few. Our exceptional customer service coupled with proactive communication enables you to have confidence in our ability to supply what you need and when you need it.

As a team committed to “Thinking Ahead”, we are aware that our customers need answers fast. We believe that our ability to be agile and quick to respond with solutions and answers in a timely, professional manner is essential to your success. This enables us to provide you with innovative processes and solutions to take the hassle and stress out of reordering and inventory management for your team.

As part of our commitment to helping your business succeed, our Field Specialists are knowledgeable across our extensive range of products, and are able to provide on-site demonstrations for any of your business needs.

A partnership with ACL is founded on certainty and trust. Our customers can have confidence in knowing that we are thinking ahead and solving problems that add value to them as people and their business.

With more than 25 years of experience supporting Engineering, Mining, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Process Industries our dedicated team works together to deliver personalised solutions that cater to individual needs as well as fulfilling larger contracts to bigger industries across Gladstone, Rockhampton and the Wide Bay region.


Barro Group



DITA solutions

Here at dita Solutions, we specialise in automated software solutions, including visitor platforms and cloud-based solutions for document storage, which altogether greatly contributes to the safety and compliance of your business.

Whether your business is an expert in consumer products, IT/Telecommunications, medical, finance, or building and trade, it is important that your staff, and contractors, are fully trained and compliant.

Every business, and industry, has its own set of unique requirements when working to achieve their compliance obligations. Our solutions cater for these situations, and can accommodate for different industries, in any location.

dita are experts at providing the tools to record required safety and compliance for all persons associated with the business, such as licences, industry certificates, and insurances.

In accordance with our standards, our system automatically allocates specific safety and compliance to specific staff within your business, based on their position, location, and their team. Automatic reporting keeps team leaders, managers, and supervisors updated on their team’s safety, compliance, and training requirements in advance, and receive notifications of anyone who is non-compliant.

dita offers a range of solutions tailored to your business and the pain points you are looking to overcome. We offer an obligation-free demonstration of our solutions as well as a trial period, so before you commit, you can experience how well dita Solutions can work for you.

Our solutions include:

  • dita Learning – manage training and compliance online in one system
  • dita Documents – find everything you need in one secure location
  • dita Forms – streamline your business operation with electronic forms
  • dita Contractor – meet your legislative duty of care when using contractors
  • dita Visitor – easy, efficient, and secure visitor management platform




Donesafe is the #1 all-in-one safety platform – pick & choose from over 30 apps to create a fit for purpose solution perfect for your organization! Donesafe is Health, Safety and Environment software that connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report EHS data in real time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh online platform that works on any device, including an offline native iOS and Android app.


Ecco Portal

ecoPortal is Australasia’s leading WHS and Risk Management Software, empowering Safety Leaders to keep their people safe and taking their safety culture from compliance to caring.

Leading organisations such as Les Mills, Fisher and Paykel, Resene, Bank of New Zealand, Ministry of Justice, Hamilton City Council, Foodstuffs (NZ’s largest supermarket chain) and many more organisations across a variety of industries trust ecoPortal in keeping their employees safe.

The single most important reason safety professionals and senior leaders trust ecoPortal is its simplicity, closely followed by its configurability, which is tailored to fit your business needs. ecoPortal also offers organisations full transparency with beautiful and interactive reports.

Additionally, ecoPortal provides modules to manage Environmental, Quality & Enterprise Risk making it a one-stop-shop for managing all risks, and aligning your organisation with local and international best practice standards such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


EMP onsite

EMP Onsite Injury Prevention Programs are proactive measures that we implement in organisations to manage OH&S risk and protect the wellbeing and safety of people.

Our proven Injury Prevention and Early Intervention programs are the cornerstone of our offer and draw on our extensive experience across all industry verticals and benchmarking data to deliver a positive return on investment measured in both lead and lag indicators.

Our programs are comprehensive and depending on the needs of our clients will typically include;

  • OH&S performance review
  • Data collection and risk analysis
  • Program design
  • Utilisation of Sensor & Scanner Technology
  • Movement analysis and coaching
  • Functional assessments
  • Team & Individual training & education
  • Supervisor training
  • Evidence based results reporting


Everyday Massive



Galvin Engineering

Established in 1930, Galvin Engineering is a 4th generation Australian family business built on long term relationships and a strong company culture delivering Water Solutions for a Healthier Environment.

Offering specialised tapware, water management systems and fixtures for industries with complex requirements, GalvinSafe® (HAWS) emergency equipment is our latest commitment to improve the health and safety of our community by providing AS 4775 compliant safety showers and eye wash solutions. The ground-breaking AXION® technology offers the only medically superior response solution in the industry.

We provide you with customised solutions and aesthetically pleasing, contemporary products irrespective of your project’s unique challenges.


GAMA healthcare

GAMA Healthcare; the manufacturers of Clinell, are multinational leaders in Infection Prevention.

Clinell Universal Wipes are the number one disinfectant and detergent 2 in 1 wipe in Australian hospitals, used in 7 out of 10 hospitals.

Trusted by professionals and supported with clinical evidence, the Clinell range of products are now available to everyone. Ensure your business and customers are  protected from a wide range of viruses and bacteria that can lead to illness.

Come and speak to one of us at the exhibition and enter the business card draw for a prize.



Together for a safe and efficient fleet.

GemOne enables meticulous fleet management and safety solutions for industrial equipment, our team responds to the need withing your company and also to tomorrow’s challenges.

The world does not stand still, and this certainly applies to the business world with constant requirements to improve Safety and efficiency we are always ready with products and solution to support your continuous improvement with safety and efficiency, weather you are a manufacturer distributor or user of machinery GemOne Telematic are here to help.

With Onyx and Sapphire, GemOne has developed two specific systems. But in fact, we present hundreds of different solutions. Our software is fully customizable and you can choose from a wide range of vehicle-specific accessories.

The GemOne solution enable you to digitise your safety check list, manage drivers licencing and training, report incidents and impacts and monitor driver behaviour, with additional hardware you can also, control speed in different zones, access impact avoidance technologies, utilise safety cameras for rear and mast views, Plus measure pallet weights and much more.

If you are interested in trialling our telematics solution, please register your interest for a demo on the link below and one of our sales professionals will be in touch.



Guardhat was born on the factory floor surrounded by heat from blast furnaces running at 1,500ºC. To eliminate industrial worker injuries and fatalities in circumstances like this, you need human-centric connected safety solutions – solutions that help the worker do their job with greater ease and peace of mind. Our portfolio includes intuitive, innovative, ruggedized wearable devices, a human-centric connected worker IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform, and software to monitor and manage safety from a centralized system. In addition, Guardhat technology and software is designed to be integrable and interoperable with third-party devices, and existing operations and enterprise systems, such as ERP or HR reporting systems, to bring the human workforce into digital operations. We help companies that make, power and move the world around us improve risk management, worker recruitment, retention, knowledge transfer and training, and production quality and efficiency.

In the field, our solutions have proven an effective means of visualizing the industrial workplace and empowering the frontline worker. Companies are using Guardhat today for frontline and lone worker safety, remote expert and assist, emergency response, team collaboration, COVID-19 contact tracing, and more.

When deployed, Guardhat solutions reduce lost time to injuries and incidents by 50%, reduced EMS response time by 50-80% for critical incidents, and reduced worker compensation expenses by nearly 40%, as well as 10-20% increase in field operation efficiency through media enabled services, 50-80% savings on travel and logistic expenses.

Our solutions are worker-focused end-to-end. Meaning that we are designed from start to finish with the end-user in mind, to best equip workers, while protecting their privacy. With user-friendly and intuitive design, Guardhat gives workers tools and technology to complete tasks safer, because no matter how much technology is deployed in an operation, people will always be the most important asset.


Insync International



Kennards Hire

With more than 180 branches across Australia and New Zealand, Kennards Hire is the largest family-owned supplier of high quality, hire equipment.

Our business has been built on strong family values and the persistent determination to be the best. Offering customers high quality equipment, exceptional service and established core values in honest, integrity, trust and respect, our business philosophy has remained unchanged for over 70 years.

Today our customers count on us to:

  • Provide a top level of customer service
  • Be an expert partner to help them get their job done well
  • Supply an extensive product range
  • Deliver an easy hiring experience
  • Provide rock solid quality you can count on





Safe Rack

SafeRack is the industry leader in safety and fall protection products including truck and railcar loading platform systems, maintenance work platforms, rolling platforms, railings, and safety gates.

Located in Andrews, South Carolina, with an office and warehouse in Australia SafeRack delivers elevated loading rack and safety cage solutions to companies that place a premium on worker safety. We engineer, manufacture, deliver and install work platforms to meet international specifications for any project across vertical markets. Our galvanized steel gangways, platforms, safety cages, and fall-prevention railings and gates, can be customized for terminal and mobile units to maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Our ErectaStep product line is made up of 5 modular components that improve productivity while allowing workers safe crossover or stair access as well as work platforms that can be configured in unlimited ways for working while at height. Elevated walkways, crossovers, and modular stairs dramatically improve efficiency and safety while saving on travel time for workers. All components are pre-engineered with no welding or cranes required for installation. As the needs of the facility inevitably change, maintenance workers can easily reconfigure without custom fabrication. Because ErectaStep products comply with international standards right out of the box, all modifications and reconfigurations remain compliant without the need for custom engineering.

Stand-alone loading systems can be assembled and installed within a matter of hours with no special tools or equipment required. When a foundation is needed and digging is not possible at your location, our precast concrete pads make installation safe and efficient. Our spill containment systems meet stringent international compliance measures to ensure that oil, fuel, and any hazardous materials are captured and reclaimed. Our pledge to safeguarding the environment is every bit as strong as our commitment to providing the safest, internationally compliant loading systems possible for today’s workforce.

Our YellowGate barrier gates and guardrails are adjustable to fit a variety of openings. The innovative counterbalanced design makes one-handed operation smooth and easy. With a patented Malbec Tensioner to keep gates from slamming and a 90-degree vertical lift to ensure adequate clearance for loading and unloading, YellowGate products are made from heavy-gauge steel with a powder coat finish and hold up to repetitive use indoors or out. You can eliminate guesswork with 6 feet of adjustability and a universal mounting system, to easily protect every passageway in your facility with just one SKU.

Our GX gangway uses a patented unibody structure on our self-leveling stair components so customers can expect it to last much longer than anything else on the market. Our new and improved GX folding stairs also feature several patent-pending design improvements to reduce the number of welds, increasing durability and longevity while ensuring it requires less maintenance over the life of the product. The revolutionary GX uses Retractalok power-assist technology so operators can lift and lower the folding stairs with the push of a foot pedal and the simple pull of a rope. Primary and secondary auto-lock features prevent operator error while loading, ensuring safety in any position. The GX improves productivity and throughput while enhancing safety for workers in the loading industry.


Safety Champion Software

Who we are?

Started in 2014, Safety Champion Software is a rapidly growing safety-tech company working towards making sustainable health and safety practices easier for all.

With our extensive safety knowledge and technical expertise, we have helped 100s of Australian businesses across various industries to streamline their workplace safety practices, improve efficiency and boost their safety performance. Our goal is to make safety easier and accessible to everyone.

What we do?

Safety Champion software is smart and affordable health and safety management software that has been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes to meet their safety needs. Developed from the minds of highly experienced OHS/WHS consultants and UI/UX focused software designers and developers, this software delivers sustainable and effective safety program over time.

With clean and simple interface, powerful reporting, intuitive dashboard, user-friendly iOS/Android Apps, and preloaded templates, Safety Champion Software enables businesses to manage their workplace safety effortlessly. Plus, our highly experienced OHS/WHS professionals guide businesses throughout out the implementation process, tailoring their approach to ensure the software works for unique business needs.


SHE software

SHE Software was founded in 1995 and is expert in the application of technology to solve our customers’ health and safety challenges. Our health and safety software solution, Assure, provides an easily accessible way to manage health, safety and compliance. Employees and contractors can easily track, report, view and complete health and safety information 24/7, on- or off-site. Assure empowers safety professionals to progress to a proactive stance on health and safety, where data can be analysed, and trends identified. Lead indicators – such as safe and unsafe observations – can be tracked to help organisations predict where preventative measures will be most effective.


Secure Anchor

Tried, tested and true.
All of our anchors are patented designs. All of them have been tested to destruction (the roof components give way before the anchor does). All of our anchors comply with and meet the 15kN benchmark set out in AS1891.4 (2009). That’s why so many specifiers in Australia, NZ and the USA are now turning to Secure Anchor Systems.

Economical? You bet.
The simplicity and sturdiness of the compact design saves you money.
Best of all, you don’t pay for ‘experts’ to fit them; most can be installed in as little as a few minutes by any competent tradesman with a cordless drill.

Designed for Australian conditions.
With demanding OH&S requirements, it was time for a fresh look at roof anchors. Designed in Australia to satisfy Australian architects, designers, engineers and contractors.

Transportable Anchor Systems
Transportables, dongers and modular buildings typically utilise lightweight structural elements requiring additional strengthening when using roof anchors. The Secure Anchor Systems range requires no additional support other than the roof sheets and battens in most instances.

Ask us for exactly what you need because it’s all about you staying on top!
Order: 1300 131 881
Enquires: +61 2 9317 3553
PO Box 1346 Moss Vale NSW 2577
Distribution: Australia & International





TacMed is a leading provider of bespoke emergency medical and first aid training, equipment and consultancy to those who work in high-risk, austere and complex environments.

TacMed has decades of real world experience including Army Special Operations Medics and Intensive Care Paramedics combined with the foremost equipment and training. We prepare your workplace to treat critical injuries and preventable causes of death.

TacMed is an Australian veteran-owned first aid company that specialises in bridging the gap between traditional first aid and the lessons learned on the battlefield…we know what works and what doesn’t.


U-fit international

U-FIT international industrial pty ltd.(UF) had established in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.
Its origins come from U-FIT Qingdao, China. (since 2007)

For the past decades, UF working in the Textile field vertically from raw material to finished products.
UF rooted deeply in the production area, so it knows how to do the best and what’s maximum it can provide to customers.

Advance link up with most of the top globalized companies. UF have good know-how about some advanced and innovative fibre or functional quality development. Production footprint over China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc

Own the great experience in Sustainable product development.

From our outstanding brand customer, U-fit has exactly understand how important Quality’s control and consistency!
Meantime, UF back up with traditional textile network with the local’s leading manufactures which is so much important to enhance the business for smooth-work in far-east zone.





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