Seminar schedule

DAY ONE | Tuesday 9th October 2018

Session One | 10:15 – 10:45
Workplace Health and Safety in NSW

Get Healthy at Work is a workplace wellness program offering real benefits to business owners and their workers. This session will have a look at the program including how it aims to reduce preventable health risks in the workplace by helping businesses identify areas of concern, create an action plan and support its execution.

Vincy Li, Manager, Evaluation and Strategic Programs, NSW Ministry of Health (Office of Preventative Health)

Session Two | 11:15 – 11:45
Safety Evolution in the 21st Century

  •  The Changing Landscape – Due Diligence in the Forefront
  •  Being Proactive about your Workplace Culture
  •  Technological Innovation to lead the Culture Shift
  •  Building Your People Capability – Outstanding Soft Skills are Essential

David Cant, Director & Principal Consultant, DC Safety Consultancy Services

Session Three | 12:15 – 12:45
Science of Fit and Protection

  •  PPE Selection Considerations
  •  What is fit?
  •  Why is it important?
  •  Fit Validation
  •  What types of PPE can be fit tested?

Mark Reggers, Occupational Hygienist/Senior Application Engineer, Personal Safety Division, 3M

Session Four | 13:15 – 13:45
Using Engineered Systems for all Working at Heights Activities

  • Brief history of WAH in Australia
  • Risks with current systems – incidents occurring (input from Rescue organisation)
  • What is an engineered system
  • Why the need for an engineered system – examples of incompatible equipment
  • Legislative requirements (input from Safety Auditor)

Andrew Rogelja, Director, and Frank Malkoun, Safety Consultant, Trainer and Auditor, TRAC International

Session Five | 14:15 – 14:45
Mobilising the World’s Hazard Data to Make People Safer

Your organisation collects and has access to plenty of safety data – but how are you putting that data to work? This session explores the key ways you can mobilize hazard data to drive the digital transformation of safety, reduce your lost time injuries, and accelerate productivity

Hans Corsten, General Manager – Australia, SaferMe

Session Six | 15:15 – 15:45
Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence is a high-level integration between Visium Networks hosted access control and Rapid Global’s award-winning ready to work software. This presentation discusses the intersection of security and safety systems. Previously operating as two separate realms, security is set to become the physical and logical enforcement to workplace compliance software’s process digitization.

Michael Brown, IT&C Director, Visium Networks

Session One | 11:00 – 11:30
How to Keep your Staff Healthy at Work – it is a game of two halves!

This session will outline the current trends in providing health, safety and wellbeing to Australian employees and will highlight what the latest research tells us is needed to ensure people can function at their best in the workplace. In particular Dr Sarah Curtis will discuss the notion that the key to work wellbeing is to ensure that an individual’s physical and the mental health are well attended to and to recognise that the two are linked.

Dr Sarah Curtis, Business Manager – Southern Region, Vitality Works

Session Two | 12:00 – 12:30
Sit, Stand Move: The importance of physical activity at work

  • Understanding the impacts of prolonged sitting on your wellbeing
  • Why it’s as important as ever to have a healthy workplace and team
  • How to start implementing changes throughout your workday
  • Maximising the benefits of a standing desk and how to use them safely

Daniel Angelini, Founder, MOVI Workspace

Session Three | 13:00 – 13:30
Success is in the system: Leadership lessons from an accident

  • Health is at the core of leadership. However, health is a term that is often misunderstood and seen too narrowly. People are wasting time, money and energy looking in the wrong spots for solutions to create healthy results and wellbeing – for people and planet
  • Currently, we are transitioning from a knowledge-based to a wisdom-based economy. The best leaders know the value of making time to understand the whole picture – the detail and crucial broader context. Ingrid will be sharing a holistic perspective that is critical to success. Without it, you sacrifice productivity, performance and wellbeing.

Ingrid Messner, Leadership Specialist, Speaker, Mentor, Coach

Session Four | 14:00 – 14:30
Why Meaning is at the Centre of Wellbeing and Happiness at Work

  •  What does the science say about meaning and happiness at work and how are they intrinsically linked to mental health in the workplace
  •  Practical advice on leading with meaning can nurture an open and honest culture to minimise employee stress to avoid mental health issues
  •  What are the seven key ingredients to have in mind when building a balanced and positive workplace culture? And real-life examples of how others have found more meaning and happiness in their work
  •  Provide ideas on how businesses can effectively establish happiness and meaning in the workplace and identify if there are underlying issues
  •  The importance of helping employees connect with their work to boost happiness and a company’s overall success

Ross Reekie, Founder, Rise

Session Five | 15:00 – 15:30
Building a Successful Workplace and Wellbeing Program

The science shows that building wellbeing and resilience in the workplace can be beneficial for employee health, creativity, productivity, work satisfaction and engagement. The challenge is that there is limited evidence, research and guidance on how to design and deliver a successful wellbeing program.
In this session, Fleur Heazlewood will provide an organisational case study and six steps to designing and implementing a successful wellbeing program that also builds a positive workplace culture.

Fleur Heazlewood, Managing Director, Blueberry Institute

Session Six | 16:00 – 16:30
Positive Psychology

When some people hear the phrase positive psychology, they imagine it’s some new age “woo woo thing” that is all about thinking positively or constantly being happy. Actually, it is not a prescription for happiness but it is a powerful tool that can contribute to wellbeing and can definitely be taught. In this session Sharon Stone will give an overview of Positive Psychology, how it contributes to wellbeing and she will also share a couple of tools that you can use straight away to see if it is something you want to bring more of into your life

Sharon Stone, Executive Coach & Creator, Colour me well

DAY TWO | Wednesday 10th October 2018

Session One | 10:15 – 10:45
Skin Cancer Education

  •  How can improved education potentially facilitate a positive outcome to this disease?
  •  What information is important in order to achieve this?
  •  Facts about different forms of skin cancer
  •  Work Place Skin Cancer Assessment Services
  •  How are Skin Cancer Assessments facilitated on site?
  •  How do Skin Cancer Assessments compliment an existing Work Place Health Programme?
  •  What other services does Skin Smart Australia offer?

Jane Homberger and Hillary McGregor-Potter, Founding Directors, Skin Smart Australia

Session Two | 11:15 – 11:45
Safety Maturity Assessment – the what, why and how?

  •  Why is it important to measure Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW)?
  •  How is safety typically measured?
  •  What are the alternatives? How could it be measured?
  •  Safety Maturity Assessment – Optimizing HSW measurement in the future?

Terry Foster, Senior Leadership Consultant, Safety Works

Session Three | 12:15 – 12:45
Safety Culture and Leadership

There is only one connection between leadership and workplace culture – employee engagement. Explore the two factors that are essential to create an engaged workplace. Deep-dive using the latest Gallup results and a Harvard Business Review case study to understand the impact of these two critical factors on workplace (safety) culture. Ishan will walk through some of the case studies from his corporate operational excellence experience across Asia Pac.

Ishan Galapathy, Managing Director, Capability Unlimited Pty Ltd

Session Four | 13:15 – 13:45
Safer Workplaces through Innovations in Employee Wellness

  •  Incorporating digital wellness tools to replace onsite health assessments: increased accuracy, repeatability and cost efficiency
  •  Cognitive performance: real-time stress correlated with sleep, activity and cognitive acuity

Scott Montgomery, Director, WellteQ

Session Five | 14:15 – 14:45
The Challenges of Managing Fatigue Before it Hits

  •  Why managing fatigue matters
  •  Methods for identifying fatigue
  •  Barriers to solving the problem holistically
  •  Looking at the problem differently

Gary Scott, Founder/CEO, and Natasha Scott, Chief Operations Officer GlobalWhere

Session One | 11:00 – 11:30
Building a Mentally Healthy Workplace

  •  Why mental health matters
  •  What do you need to know?
  •  Breaking down barriers and opening up the conversation
  •  The importance of early intervention and prevention
  •  Supporting recovery
  •  Improving mental health
  •  Getting started with your program – Common approaches

Janet Hopkins, General Manager, Mindful Employer

Session Two | 12:00 – 12:30
High Performance Without Burnout

  •  How to identify the signs, symptoms and triggers of burnout in yourself and others
  •  How to measure burnout and its financial impact on your organisation
  •  Leading edge approaches, strategies and programs to nurture health rest and recovery and sustainable high performance of your people

Bella Zanesco, CEO,, World Champion Athlete

Session Two | 13:00 – 13:30
Optimising Back and Pelvic Health in the Workplace

    • The role of the pelvic floor in spine dynamics and how your pelvic floor can be the origin of your neck and back pain
    • The impact of pelvic pain in the workplace
    • Essential exercises every worker should do daily to prevent injury, recover after injury and promote well-being

Aline Filipe, Physiotherapist, The Pelvic Tuner, Pelvic Floor Advocate

Session Four | 14:00 – 14:30
Making Healthy Behaviours Stick

  •  Why is changing behaviours so hard
  •  What are the common reasons why people fail
  •  How to make healthy behaviours sustainable
  •  Practical examples to influence health behaviours at home and in the workplace

Josh Marsden, Wellbeing Manager, La Trobe University and Founder, Active Workplace Challenge

Session Five | 15:00 – 15:30
The Game of REAL Good Health

Life can be compared to a game of snakes and ladders as can our approach to health and diet. This life-size interactive game, designed and facilitated by Judy Davie, The Food Coach, and author of The Greengrocer’s Diet, gives people a better understanding on what constitutes a healthy and sustainable diet and identifies typical behaviors which affect health positively and negatively as a result of a busy working schedule

Judy Davie, The Food Coach, and author of The Greengrocer’s Diet