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Conducting real-world research: Key steps and considerations thought-leaders need to consider, by Michelle Oberg, research and implementation specialist from the Griffith University

Thursday 27 April, 1:00PM-1:30PM
In this webinar, Michelle Oberg, research and implementation specialist from the Griffith University, will discuss the key steps and considerations thought leaders need to consider when conducting safety research in your organisation. Get an insight into the Woolworths experiment before her talk at the Safety in Action Conference.

At the upcoming Safety in Action Conference on 5-6 September she will be speaking on “Doing Safety better by Doing Less Safety”, in which she’ll share a different paradigm that is possibly more effective to view safety with looking at the context, not a matrix. Next to this, she’ll be going more in depth on the Woolworths Experiment.

How organisations can use software to improve workplace mental health – A case study

Wednesday 22 March, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Mental Health Issues in the workplace cost Australian Business 10.9 Billion Dollars a year and, is one of the leading causes of sickness, absence and long term work incapacity in Australia. Employers are legally required to manage mental Wellbeing in the workplace and Workers are also required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety. A Price Waterhouse Coopers study reported that for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.3 in benefits to be gained. Workplace mental health is critical but how do we identify issues, reduce stigma and improve outcomes? myosh is a global provider of HSEQ solutions. In consultation with experts and clients, myosh have developed the Wellbeing platform to Manage Workplace Mental Health. This Webinar will look at why organisations need to address wellbeing at work and how they can improve outcomes using software tools.