Innovative Products & Services

This month’s TOP Innovations

1 - Myosh Wellbeing Software

Company: myosh
Introduction Date: 1st March
Stand No.: E22
myosh, are launching their ground-breaking management solution for Mental Health in the workplace on the 1st March, in Sydney. Companies can actively invest in and manage workplace mental health, for measurable benefits and, to mitigate the risk of potential litigation. The mywellbeing cloud based solution has been developed to protect organisations, management, and employees, by empowering all parties with tools to identify, manage and report any issues within the workplace. This platform provides resources and strategies to guide the management of workplace Mental Health.

2 - MOVI Standing Desk

Company: MOVI Workspace
Stand No.: D4

MOVI is an Australian design company creating highly refined workplace products that encourage movement and combat the risks of sedentary lifestyles. Our mission is to improve your health, productivity and wellbeing while you work. Our products are high quality, sustainable, and ergonomically designed products. Our standing desk is launching soon.

3 - Distraction and fatigue detection

Company: MixTelematics and Guardian
Introduction Date: To be launched
Stand No.: F22
1 in 6 fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver. By detecting driver fatigue, you can help prevent incidents before they happen. Reading a person’s face and eyes in real-time helps to develop an understanding of someone’s health, intention or actions. All of which contribute to a persons’ ability to drive safely on the road.

4- SafetyMax - Simplified Safety Management

Company: Solv Solutions Pty Ltd
Introduction Date: 2013
Stand No.: F10
SafetyMax is a new, secure online safety management system developed by our team following the huge success of our online injury and claims management system, injuryConnect. injuryConnect, developed in 2009 and used by over 250 of Australia’s biggest and well known organisations, has won various awards in recent years including Telstra Business Small Business of the Year (WA) and Business News 2016 Overall Rising Star of the Year.

5 - Sine - Visitor & Contractor Software

Company: Sine Group Pty. Ltd.
Stand No.: G27
Sine is making it really easy for visitors, contractors and staff to “check-in” to your workplace using our mobile apps, iPads or the web. Clients like Fujitsu, GE, Downer, Arup and LendLease power their workplaces with us, and use Sine to monitor active visitors, trigger real-time notifications, invite guests to meetings, and generate detailed reports.

6 - New Ninja Maxim Cut 5 Gloves

New Ninja Maxim Cut 5 Gloves
Introduction Date: To be launched
Stand No.: E6

Ninja’s new Cut 5 Resistant Maxim Gloves not only offer you peace of mind when handling sharp objects, but provide unmatched comfort for those long work days.

What sets Ninja apart from many other gloves on the market, is the unique combination of superior performance liners made from high tensile yarns coupled with a new proprietary foam coating that provides outstanding cut 5 resistance in either oily or dry conditions.

The engineered lightweight liners have also been designed for superior breathability and fit, making them feel like a second skin on the hands.

Ninja’s Maxim Cut Resistant Gloves (they also have a Cut 3 & a Cut 4 version) are also re-enforced between the thumb and forefinger to greatly extend the life of the glove.

For further information on the complete range of premium Ninja Gloves for all trade applications, visit

7 - BETTER-AIR Environmental Probiotic™

Better-Air Australia
Introduction Date: in 2014
Stand No.: D11

Environmental Probiotics™ are the ONLY solution for complete protection from biological airborne and surface contaminants. Immediate benefits of installing betterair’s BioZone probiotics™ system include:

  • Diminishing allergens
  • Bio-security :reduction of pathogens.
  • Eliminating of odor caused by microbial contamination
  • Restoring indoor ecological balance
  • Reducing workplace absenteeism
  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly
  • Money back guarantee

8 - Reactec

Company: Reactec
Stand No.: A9
HAVS, which is also known as Vibration White Finger, is one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK. Reactec launched a ground breaking technology, HAVwear, a wearable wrist device that monitors in real time an individual’s exposure to vibration when using power tools. Reactec’s analytical platform provides cloud-based reporting which allows dynamic risk assessment and exposure reduction.