Don’t let it happen again. You and your workers need to be kept safe when working on ladders, and the award-winning Lacket is the safest way to secure any extension ladder from falling backwards or slipping sideways. The Lacket uses a wedging effect to lock an extension ladder into a rock-solid position against any eave, fascia or structural overhang.

Experience the confidence and ease of working from a ladder that is locked firmly into place – without touching the gutter. And even more importantly, with the Lacket you secure your ladder from the ground, which means no one needs to risk climbing a dangerously unsecured ladder just to tie it off at the top.

Keen to see the Lacket in action? Check out this short clip!

At the Safety in Action 2019 exhibition, we’ll be official launching our latest product: the Lacket A-Stand. In collaboration and trials with Endeavour Energy, we’ve utilised the strength and versatility of the Lacket to develop a unique attachment that converts an extension ladder to an A-frame ladder, solving the issue within the electrical industry of accessing damaged power poles.

Come and visit us at the Safety in Action 2019 exhibition, where you can experience for yourself how rock-solid your ladder should be before you climb.