For many organisations, using a safety alert system is a frustrating experience. Traditionally unreliable, expensive and difficult to use, improvements were long overdue.

Inspired by consumer apps and the latest technology, Safety Manager 2.0 is a highly visual safety alert system. Utilising wireless technology and a touch screen control unit, this allows all users to see what is happening across the site. From real-time notifications to system updates, maintaining your system requires minimal training and companies can access detailed logs to allow for complete accountability.

Visibility, ease of use and controlling evacuations was integral to the feedback we received when Safety Manager 2 was being tested. Evacuations had always been done over the entire site.

With three ways to easily initiate and end an evacuation either partially or fully from the new Smartphone App, evacuation trigger or the control unit, total control and accountability was introduced as part of the safety strategy for evacuation protocols.

Taking the power of the control unit and turning it mobile, the Smartphone App allows users to monitor their site, no matter where they are. It can even help to improve response times in the case of an emergency, as your workers can even respond to an event or trigger an evacuation right from their phone.

This product was recently shortlisted as Health & Safety Solution of the Year at the Australian Construction Awards. To see wireless solutions that are available right now, come visit Vanguard Wireless at Stall C16.