Not all Dangerous Goods cabinets are created equal, and price is not the only consideration. Here are 3 things to consider when buying a dangerous good cabinet.

1. Compliance
Yes, every reseller will say that their cabinet is compliant with Australian Standards, but how do you really know? Third-party compliance certification is the only way to really have confidence that the cabinet will meet all requirements of the standard, and be fit for purpose in your operation.

2. Functional Design
A well-designed cabinet can improve productivity, eliminate repair costs, encourage compliant use and prevent injury. Propping cabinet doors open while retrieving goods is a common but dangerous practice, so look for cabinets that have been designed to overcome this problem, for example cabinets with doors that have a ‘stay-open’ function. Be careful though, as doors still have to self-close to be compliant. Cabinets with concealed door closers and 180 degree opening doors prevent damage to the doors, thus reducing repair and downtime costs.

3. Country of Origin
Where the cabinet is made should inform your decision on whether to buy it. Dealing with overseas manufacturers for customer service, spare parts and warranty issues can be problematic. Look for Australian Made certification to purchase genuine Australian Made cabinets that support local jobs and the economy.

Visit Trafalgar at stand H9 to see Australian Made Dangerous Goods Cabinets that satisfy all three of the above criteria, including the patented ‘Stay-Open’ doors exclusive to Trafalgar Cabinets.