Workplace accidents are a frightening experience for everyone involved, but imagine if your injured workers had no way of knowing help was on the way during a critical situation or injury?

This is what Safety Manager 2.0 has changed.

Whilst older systems allow for an emergency response, they offer no comfort to workers in the time of extreme stress. This represents a serious failure for companies looking to create safe work sites.

The next generation of highly visible alert systems is available now and includes two-way communication at every nurse call point, ensuring that people involved in an emergency situation know what is happening.

Through a series of audio and visual cues, anyone who triggers an emergency receives notification that their call has been transmitted and received. This will provide reassurance in a period of acute distress and can prevent further injury, as individuals will be confident to remain in place waiting for help.

This created a more efficient and co-ordinated way to handle responses anywhere on site via the Smarphone App or the control unit. Once the nurse call response is received, all of this occurs and is updated in real time amongst the other users, so precious time is no longer wasted on site pressing and guessing at nurse call points and wondering if help would arrive.
Vanguard Wireless will be demonstrating Safety Manager 2.0 at Stall C16. We’d love to show you how the latest technology can help address your safety concerns.